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Grab a bundle of 12 fat quarters, 3/4 yard of another fabric, and prepare to have fun! This design is simple to create, and incredibly flexible. This pattern provides instructions for creating three different quilts, and by varying the block orientation, you can create more unique designs of your own. The look of the quilt varies greatly with the types of fabric you choose. The 3/4 yard of fabric that you add to the fat quarter bundle is the key. Choose a contrasting fabric, and you have bold design elements that stand out in the body of the quilt. Or choose a fabric that blends with the fat quarters, and your quilt will have a consistent, scrappy look.

Finished size for "Racer" design is 48" x 63"
Finished size for "Happy Garden" design is 55 x 70"
Finished size for "Austin Blues" design is 62" x 78"

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Bundle of 12 - Download

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